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Munro Importers Limited was established in March 2006.

The UK office is situated in Ipswich, Suffolk, for easy access to Felixstowe port
and less than 90 minutes from London.

Long before China became the "default" destination for manufacturing, Tom Munro identified it's potential to revolutionise business and profits.

Like so many pioneers, the early years were full of excitement and challenges, but those experiences proved invaluable. The lessons learnt during those first tentative visits during the early 70's have formed the business model that has proved to be both durable and successful.

If your company would like to source products from China, we have the experience to help.

Tom Munro
The Studio

We go much further than most companies when we say we offer a "complete package". Not only will we find you the right product, to the correct specification, at the right price, we'll also create beautiful packaging and print an attractive box.

Our in-house photographic and design team have a proven track record of producing packaging that helps product to sell.