Offices in UK & China
Factory Audits & Inspections
Freight & Shipping
Complete Marketing Support Service

China is a big place, so to provide a quality service we have 2 teams. One located in the south of the country and the other in the centre of the country. The China team is managed by Connie an experienced buyer and product specifier who's been with the company for 16 years.

The UK directors spend months every year with the China team, travelling throughout China to inspect factories and locate new products.

Offices in UK & China
Audits and Inspections

We inspect every shipment.
Central to our commitment to service and quality, our team of qualified shipment inspectors check everything from the loading, packaging and specification, this ensures that when your shipment arrivers it is exactly as ordered.

A significant factor in the cost of all landed products is freight and shipping. Because of the number of containers we ship, we have contract rates with the worlds leading shipping companies. Ensuring we only offer the most cost effective shipping rates available.

Freight and Shipping
Complete Marketing Support Service

We go much further than most companies when we say we offer a "complete package".
Not only will we find you the right product, to the correct specification, at the right price, we'll also create beautiful packaging and print an attractive box.

Our in-house photographic and design team have a proven track record of producing packaging that sells.